Premature Birth Symptoms

Premature Birth Symptoms

It is useful to know some points in terms of preterm birth heralds: 

 If you feel a basketball ball when you put your hand on your stomach when there is a standing erection in the abdomen, you should know that this causes you to give this finding by hardening due to the contraction of your uterus. It is normal to feel this situation (if it happens infrequently and at short intervals) in the last month of pregnancy, or in other words, between 36-40 weeks. These are called labor preparation contractions or uterine exercises. When this happens in the earlier weeks and more than a few times a day, especially if it gives a feeling of pressure to the groin, or if the intervals are getting more frequent and the durations are getting longer, it may be a sign of preterm labor and your doctor may require you to go for a check-up. You will not feel these contractions as pain. If you feel it, it may be helpful to see your doctor. 

 Frequent feeling of pressure and pain in the groin, feeling of frequent urination (even though you do not have much urine when you go), water coming, bleeding, feeling of excessive wetness can be one of the heralds of preterm birth. 

 You don’t need to sound the alarm for preterm birth when these findings occur, they just require you to monitor and evaluate yourself better. The situation will be clarified by contacting your doctor when necessary. 

 Premature birth risk or prediction can be calculated in the examination performed around the 22nd week in those who are in the preterm birth risk group or who desire it. This risk can be demonstrated numerically with the examination of perinatology specialists.