Reducing Multiple Pregnancies to Twins or Singles
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Reducing Multiple Pregnancies to Twins or Singles 

 The uterus, which is suitable for single pregnancies, cannot always fulfill its efforts to adequately feed the babies and keep them inside for up to 40 weeks in multiple pregnancies. This is particularly evident in multiple pregnancies of triplets or more. As the number of babies increases, the probability of having a live birth and having a healthy baby decreases drastically. As the number of babies increases, the risks of early miscarriage or early loss in the womb are serious. Therefore, in order to ensure the probability of a healthy live baby, the number of babies can be reduced to twins or singletons in the earliest possible period. Thus, it is possible to have both a live baby and a healthy live baby. 

 However, the issue of reduction from triplets to twins or singletons should be evaluated according to the family’s preference and risk-taking status. However, in pregnancies with more than triplets, the issue is too clear to allow discussion. Unfortunately, sad pictures emerge in these pregnancies. It has been observed in cases where it is abused due to the fact that it attracts the attention of the media due to its rarity and the subject shifts to other directions in this medium. 

Depending on whether the placenta is separate or only common, the method and technique to be applied varies. It is important that such a procedure performed in the mother’s womb is performed by a specialist perinatologist.