38. Week Preparation for Birth Examination 

38. Week Preparation for Birth Examination

Pregnancy period is 40 weeks, and in the last four weeks, the uterus prepares for childbirth. In the past, slight accumulations in the uterus occur several times a day. Afterwards, the frequency and duration of uterine aggregations gradually increase over days. In fact, sometimes these uterine lumps are clearly felt and begin to come frequently. 

 It is thought that the birth has started and it also causes false alarms. The distinction is easy: Uterine collections continue at regular intervals, increasing in frequency and severity, and cause a feeling of gaze with downward collection. While a few or more times a day are coming, the duration and intensity of uterine contractions increase, with frequent intervals such as every 10 minutes and then 9, 8, 7 minutes. Especially if water splashes or light spotting is added to it, it probably means that the birth has started. 

 As you get closer to forty weeks, the probability of initiation of labor increases. For this reason, the general health status of the mother and the final examination of the health problem, if any, are made to see if the mother is suitable and ready for birth. In addition, an examination of the roof, which we call the pelvis (in more detail with ultrasound), is performed to predict whether the birth canal will allow the baby to pass through. 

 An examination is made to see if the health status of the baby, who will pass through the birth canal, will be able to take this process. 

 The labor process is like a marathon lasting 10-12 hours on average. 

Mother, baby and doctor must be ready and prepared for this marathon. Here is a process inspection in which they are reviewed. 

 Do you know that; In fact, it is the baby who is born and the mother who gives birth. During this marathon, the doctor monitors and manages the process in terms of both maternal and infant health. In the normal course of things, as expected, if things go well and the mother and baby complete the marathon and breastfeed the rope, the doctor just extends and holds the baby so that it can be born, and delivers it to the parents. The doctor’s role is just that. 

 BUT, it predicts, detects and takes precautions against risk situations that arise during this labor-marathon process and intervenes in the process when necessary, ensuring the birth itself. In fact, this is the essence of the matter. Otherwise, labor – normal birth is a spontaneous process. The main thing is to manage this process. 

 It is useful to make a reminder: If a cesarean delivery is planned because it is necessary in advance, this should not be done earlier than 38 weeks and 4 days. This will mean premature birth, which will be a troublesome and wrong practice under conditions for which there is no justification. 

 Especially it should be known that; Setting the baby’s birthday in this way involves extremely unethical and even moral problems, and it does not even serve to determine the zodiac signs in this way, as it is wrongly known. Whatever the day of forty (40) weeks is, actually the sign is O, and this fact does not change even if premature birth is achieved. Isn’t it strange!