Acardiac-TRAP Gemini

Acardiac-TRAP Gemini 

 In the very early stages of the formation stages of twin pregnancies, as a result of the single formation of the placenta and the defective cord vessels of the second baby, the heart and accordingly the brain development cannot occur in the baby with twins, but other parts of the body can develop in different combinations. Thus, the second baby may develop as a parasitic attachment to the other baby rather than as a separate living entity. 

 As the gestational week progresses, the baby grows and develops, and this development is accompanied by other parasitic structures. Thus, the baby maintains the blood circulation of the parasitic structure, which grows with itself and with itself. If the mass development of the other parasitic structure continues in parallel, the heart, which tries to maintain the circulation, may not be able to fulfill this task after a while and falls into failure. Ultimately, the baby can be lost in the womb. 

 For this reason, recognizing this situation in the mother’s womb at the earliest possible period and canceling the circulation by coagulation of the parasitic umbilical cord in the mother’s womb will prevent the aforementioned baby loss. 

 This surgery, which is performed in the womb, is performed in a few centers in the world and in our Perinatal Medicine Center.